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For Illustration forms only, please see Ko-Fi site for functions there.

What to have before inquiring:

Please compile all references in a single sharable page before continuing with the inquiry. This can be in the form of a Google Doc (preferred), Imgur album, ToyHouse, etc. There is a required input section within the inquiry form. Inquiries will be unsubmittable/rejected without a link. Only bare minimum information is initially needed, such as character images/info and base posing. Further updates are optional and may be made later as you feel necessary such as color palettes, mood elaboration, descriptive writing, etc. There will also be a required image input section on the form. Please select one image of the desired character to upload as a preview for me to see.

Submission acceptance:

If your request is accepted, I will message you on your listed preferred platform. If something about your inquiry is off, I feel I do not have adequate skills to deliver what you want, or if the content makes me uncomfortable, you will NOT be notified of rejection. No elaboration will be given upon rejection. Please refrain from personally contacting me to ask why.Please allow up to 2-3 days for initial response time. If you receive no messages after that time, assume your inquiry has been rejected.

Completion timeline:

After messaging has been initiated and details are further confirmed, I will begin working out a sketch based on your provided information. Once the sketch is finished, I will send an image through the preferred contact method. From there, you may give feedback/make bulk changes.In queue of other commissions, you can expect the sketch to be delivered in up to a week. Total completion time excluding the sketch can take up to an additional 2-4 weeks.You will be sent a PayPal invoice of finalized pricing AFTER we discuss changes and confirm it is alright for me to continue on to the final piece. No major reworks are permitted after sketch has been finalized. Minor edits are allowed throughout completion of the final as you see fit (Includes color swaps, missed elements, etc).As I work, I will periodically message you if I have anything that needs clarification. You are also free to continue to upload or make any edits to your reference page and I will check it regularly.When the piece is finished, you will receive an unwatermarked full PNG through email, as well as a pre compressed JPG. If you would prefer another file type, please let me know through messaging (I will not send layer files).All pieces will be done in base A4 paper size (210 x 297mm / 3508 x 2480 px) Busts will be cropped to square.If another size or ratio is desired, please contact me via email or your preferred contact method upon sending an inquiry form.

Terms & Conditions

Usage Policy:

✦You may use the commissioned piece for personal use including printing, using as profile pictures, icons, wallpapers, stream assets, and posting onto social media as long as it is credited with either, or all, my usernames or full name (Twitter @SA_Broskitz | IG @AriyaniArt | Sonika Ariyani). "Credit to the artist" does not count, and is a failure of proper crediting etiquette.✦Commercial use/mass production/reselling (ex. Cards, Stickers, Pins) is NOT allowed under initial circumstance or by default. (Excludes indirect monetary gain while using as live streaming assets)✦If a secondary profit/marketable product is desired, commercial rights can be purchased and a licensing fee may be negotiated.✦Under NO circumstances is the client allowed to use the commissioned work as an NFT (non-fungible token), this includes any versions of the commissioned artwork even in an altered state (i.e. edits to colors, watermark, etc).

Payment Policy:

Due to payment being done after details of sketch have been solidified, as well as communication remaining open for changes throughout the completion process, ALL TRANSACTIONS ARE NON REFUNDABLE after final product is delivered.**
**Special situations or circumstances may be an exception. Contact for clarification or elaboration.
Payment does not have to be submitted immediately, however I will need to know an estimated time frame (I will withhold a finished piece if payment has not yet been submitted)

Permitted Content

Will Do:

✦ Subject that is Fan Art/OC/Personal✦ Minimal Mecha Elements✦ Gore Elements✦ Partial Nudity & "Suggestive" Posing/Expressions (Must be Discussed)

Will NOT Do:

✦ Sexual NSFW✦Heavily Adorned/Overly Accessorized (Can negotiate for added charge)✦ Furry-Animorphic style (Elements like ears/tails/horns/claws OK)